Who can participate?

Anyone who currently works in human relations, diversity and inclusion, employee relations, or are otherwise involved in hiring and firing decisions within the U.S. finance and technology industries.

What will you ask about? How long is the interview?


Interviews will take place in person or via conference call (e.g. Skype, Zoom, telephone), for less than an hour, and with your approval, will be audio recorded. After a brief consent and overview, we will ask you to describe your experiences responding to allegations of an individual’s misconduct in both hiring and firing processes.

Specifically, we will ask about how candidates’ or employees’ behaviors like fraud, theft, and harassment is shared and factors into your decision making. However, you are free to pass, expand upon, or add additional information to any section of the interview.

We want to learn as much as possible form your lived experiences in this role, and the tone and pace will be conversational and informal.

Given the sensitive nature of the topic, how will my identity and responses be kept confidential? 


We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with your interview. No identifying information about you or your employer will ever be connected to your interview responses or the audio files. Your audio recording will only be accessible to members of the research team, and any write-ups including your responses will be anonymized.

This study has been approved by Boston University’s Institutional Review Board to ensure that it protects all participants’ privacy.

Do I get paid to participate? How will this benefit me?


We will not be offering monetary compensation. We hope that you find it beneficial to talk and share your experiences, and we sincerely appreciate your contribution to social science and improving workplace conditions and equity.

Please click here to view the consent form.

More Questions?